Couple’s big day postponed due to coronavirus – so they have Lindt bunny wedding

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The coronavirus outbreak has brought life as we all know it to a stand still.

Many countries are on lockdown, with people unable to go out except for exercise or necessities.

Because of this, a number of upcoming social events such as parties and weddings have been cancelled or postponed, leaving some out of pocket.

One couple, whose wedding has been rescheduled, also found themselves in a bit of a pickle, as they were left with 115 Lindt bunnies which they had bought as favours for guests on their big day.

But instead of letting all that chocolate go to waste, they decided to get rather creative with it.

So they threw a bunny wedding

In a post on Twitter, a man named Mark, revealed that he and his fiancée, Frankie, had decided to throw a Lindt bunny wedding in place of their own one.

He said: “So our wedding has been postponed for obvious reasons and we had 115 chocolate Lindt bunnies as wedding favours – time for a bunny wedding of course!”

The travel blogger, who lives in Thailand but came home to the UK before the lockdown began, shared several snaps of the cute ceremony.

In the photos, two of the chocolate treats were dressed as a bride and groom, with a mini veil and a tie.

The bunnies then boarded an ark in two by two

Mark and Frankie

There was also an officiator, reading from a mini order of service and the rest of the bunnies were the guests.

The amusing post soon went viral, garnering over 134,000 likes and 25,000 retweets.

But the fun didn’t stop there, as the couple then decided to get creative with the transport for the bunnies from the wedding, placing them on an ark.

Writing on his blog, Thai Spicy Travel, Mark joked: “As tradition dictates, the animals went two by two. And as the government dictates, they maintained a safe social distance of two bunny metres at all times.”

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Coronavirus self-isolating hacks

They’ve also since set up a Lindt bunny Olympics and are currently coming up with some more ideas for the chocolate to stop themselves from scoffing the lot.

People on social media have loved seeing the photos.

One person commented: “If I was trapped in my house with 115 choc bunnies . . . .well by now I would be trapped in my house with two or three choc bunnies.”

Another said: “The replies to this are gold (sorry). All the very best to you both when you do manage to rearrange your wedding, and thanks for the joy in the meantime!”

A third added: “Dude, you’re going to make a great husband with that zany sense of humour… In lockdown in Spain and you just made us giggle.”

Someone else wrote: “I want to attend this wedding.”